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By · October 6, 2011 · Filed in Bathroom Tile

Bathroom TileIt always amazes me just how much the right bathroom tiles design can improve a remodeling project but making a choice on style isn’t always easy with the ranges available today. There are a variety of designs and options available that appeal to a number of differing tastes as well as range of budgets. Some tile designs are more desirable than others including those that are more traditional like stone, Italian marble and the famous harlequin design but colorful tiles are also becoming more popular.

For those of you that cannot picture the harlequin bathroom tiles, imagine black and white squares turned on their edge to resemble a diamond shape. This type of tile is usually in a rectangular shape as opposed to the more common square and if you prefer, it is available with many other color choices.

My favorite is the black and white design as the effect it has is hard to match and always improves the look of a bathroom. A bathroom will look clean and shiny, and by adding a chrome tub and shower faucet to the mix will give the area a fresh, shimmering glow which is ideal for the bath area.

Not everyone is happy with lots of shiny things because they have to be wiped constantly owing to the fingerprints that show so readily on them. It is important to consider how much time you have to commit to polishing your bathroom before making a purchase.

A brushed stainless steel bath really complements this type of tile. This can also be used for surrounds in addition to the wall and floor plus comes in an enormous range of finishes.

Try using good but less expensive bathroom tiles as a base for your creation. Once you have this it is a simple matter of choosing a higher quality bathroom tile to place within the overall design and as you wont be using a huge number of them, it really wont matter how much they cost.

This is the one area where getting a professional to carry out the tiling for you will be worthwhile and provide that special finish. If you want your bathroom remodeling project to look attractive and be completed in a reasonable time period then the extra cost of hiring a tradesman will be worth it.

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