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Ceramic Tiles – Spruce Up Your Bathroom

By · August 24, 2011 · Filed in Bathroom Tile


Installing ceramic bathroom floor tile is a great way to update any bathroom. Get your creative juice flowing and design the look you want. Here are some ideas to get you started…

For bathroom floor tile, you can’t go wrong with ceramic tile. Every bathroom is a wet place. What with wet people standing around plus overflowing toilets and splashing in sinks, you need a floor surface that’s up to the challenge. Ceramic surfaces are the best choice in a wet place.

You can rest assured that floors will be wet. With many ceramic tile surfaces you don’t need to worry much about slipping though. That’s not true for all tiles. But many choices are really not slippery which is a big plus in any bath or shower.

If you’re always looking to save time, the right choice of bathroom tile can help with that too. Ceramic surfaces are easy to maintain and difficult to damage. Just an occasional clean-up is about all that’s required. An occasional application of a sealer will make it even easier. Just a few minutes a week with a simple mop up and the floor looks good as new.

Ceramic tiles also are a perfect medium for your creative juices. That’s so because the tile comes in every shape and size imaginable. You can even hand paint tiles or buy them already hand painted too. Add different types of tile in combination to add interest. Plus you can use tile not only on the floor, but on walls and even ceilings. Plus don’t forget tile showers and tile tub surrounds as well.

Now when you shop for bathroom floor tile, you’ll quickly notice the great variation in prices. Beware of really cheap tiles in your search. Here’s why. Often discount tile will vary greatly in size. You can use tile like this to make a beautiful project. The problem is it takes much more time to get the best fit. So stick to your budget, but get quality materials.

One of the most visible parts of a tile floor is the grout that covers the gap between tiles. You can choose tinted colored grout depending on your preference and the color scheme of the floor. The grout color can either draw attention to itself or blend in with the tile. It’s your preference. It’s helpful after the grout has cured to apply a sealer. The sealer maintains a fresh, clean look for a longer time.

Before you look for bathroom floor tiles, take some time to sketch out a few designs using different colors and positioning to see what you like. By knowing what you like before you leave home, you’ll find it simpler to make choices and get the right materials. Think about the size of tile as well as the best arrangement for accent tiles. Plus are there accent pieces you wish to include?

Of course you can go with the same tile all over the floor and that’s fine. If you’re looking for flair and personality, create a design with several different tiles and you’ll be pleased.

Also consider a design theme you like. For example, bright ocean colors like blues and greens can give a soothing, peaceful and airy look and feel. Then again, light pastels and floral motifs add a Victorian air. The style you choose can be further enhanced by the accessories and fixtures you add.

Ceramic bathroom floor tile can really add a luxury touch to any bathroom. It’s luxury with a practical side too. Your floor can be easy to maintain and long lasting and trouble free too. Add a tile floor and it can be the base for changing the entire look and theme of a bathroom. On top of that you can do the work yourself if you choose.

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I have a split level home built in 1986. What changes can I make to update it and increase my resale value?
Upper Level – 1 master with small 3/4 bath; 2 guest bdrms; 1 full bath
Mid Level – front room and kitchen
Lower Level – office; 3/4 bath; and family room with fireplace.

We recently had a new roof and siding put on and plan on landscaping the front for "curb-appeal" in the spring. In the meanwhile, we were hoping to get some ideas on how to spruce up the house DIY style.

Initial thoughts are:
1) Replacing vinyl flooring in all bathrooms with ceramic tile.
2) Refinishing kitchen cabinetry (their all wood)
3) Putting in laminate wood flooring in kitchen.
4) Replacing appliances (they’re all probably 10 years old) if there’s money left.

Any advice or other suggestions.

Don’t worry about resale value. Fix it up to enjoy. Unless you’re planning on moving shortly. Then you may want to just paint and clean everything to make it presentable. And of course price it accordingly. Spending thousands of dollars may or may not increase value depending on the market conditions, etc.
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Kitchen remodel is your best "bang for the buck" people really look at the kitchen when looking for a home a up to date kitchen is your best option!
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Update your lighting. Add crown or new baseboard moldings. If you have outdated paneling or brick, spruce it up by painting it a neutral color to blend in with your decor. Remove wallpaper and paint out in a neutral color if you are looking to sell.
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