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Bathroom Tiles – How To Remove Them

By · September 23, 2011 · Filed in Bathroom Tile

a short video on how to remove ceramic wall tiles on a bathroom wall with a paper scraper and a hammer.
i was wearing gloves for a bit of protection from any sharp shards of tile falling on my hand..
i would also recommend wearing some safety goggles as well.

Duration : 0:8:53

[youtube 7ML3wo4vYPI]

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How the asbestos …
How the asbestos wall look like?, is pink the color? we just remove part of restroom shower wall , that scared me. .

awesome!! Thx for …
awesome!! Thx for showing this us!

great video, thanks
great video, thanks

excellent video, no …
excellent video, no unessessary smart A talk or, no lound stupid music
Simple and Right to the point ,
This is the way it is supposed to be
Thanks for posting

Using a grinder, …
Using a grinder, hammer and short gorilla bar works well also.

Is that just …
Is that just sheetrock under the tile? It seems you can scrape pretty hard but doesn’t take any of the wall.

@jordanshark thank …
@jordanshark thank you for the info

@jillhbaudhaan i …
@jillhbaudhaan i am using a long handled paint/paper scraper which is also ideal for scraping the old tile adhesive of the walls.
the older the tiles are are probably easier to get off than the newer ones i suspect.these tiles were probably on the walls for about 5/10 years at a guess.

I have two …
I have two questions for you….does the age of the tile matter (how long it’s been on the bath walls)??? and what is the name of the tool you start using at 4:43???
Thanks in advance

Be careful of older …
Be careful of older asbestos walls, that pink colour is of concern!

Thanks for that – …
Thanks for that – good video with no stupid commentary. I just needed to see someone get on with the job!

Simple and straight …
Simple and straight to the point. Great Vid, Thanks for putting it up!

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