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DIY Floor Tiling

By · September 23, 2011 · Filed in Floor Tiles

How to lay floor tiles

Duration : 0:9:19

[youtube CF88vg7Mjz4]

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    This is pretty …
    This is pretty fastidious. How is tiling done in the real world?

    Good video
    Good video

    Thanks for sharing, …
    Thanks for sharing, i really enjoyed watching it

    i am a tiler and if …
    i am a tiler and if i tiled floors like this guy it would take ten years ! learn how to spread fucken glue

    Very instructive …
    Very instructive and helpful. Love his accent, too!

    what is being done …
    what is being done wrong?
    (new learner. could use the info.)

    i agree dekstar
    i agree dekstar

    Very useful and …
    Very useful and instructive :)

    OMG Get a tiler who …
    OMG Get a tiler who knows what to do not these fuckheads

    I would have done …
    I would have done the border in the corner with a square so that it’s overall more cymetrical. Not sure I’m relly a fan of borders anyway. Makes teh space seem smaller I reckon.

    Very good video and …
    Very good video and instruction… Mind you it does not cover what if the distances are wrong how to fix it and also the laying of the initial lines but I’m sure the persons making this video know how to lay tile if they have more vieos they will be worth watching for sucess… Coveat Emptor it takes time to learn any skill WHY YOU THINK THE PAY IS SO GOOD .. also it is hard work..!!! and dirty EXPERIENCE IS A MUST….
    Thank you. ( I do lay tile also )

    one of the best …
    one of the best videos to show you how to put tiles, thanks alot for such a nice video, i have learnt alot of it

    Thanks for sharing
    Thanks for sharing

    NZ tile …cool
    NZ tile …cool

    Nice, very nice, …
    Nice, very nice, thanks for sharing mate!!!

    love the accent!
    love the accent!

    thanks for sharing …
    thanks for sharing this video. nice work. cheers!

    Wonderful, precise …
    Wonderful, precise work.

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