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Floor Tiles – Things To Consider

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There are many different type of floor tiles out there now days, There are so many to choose from, the majority of them are made from either stone of ceramic. In recent years though there have been more and more different types of tiles popping up including those made out of glass.

Anyway there are many, many different styles and types that you can use when looking for floor tiles, you could opt to have a mosaic style tile which could fit into your kitchen or bathroom perfectly. One of the very nice looking floor tiles is the natural stone tile. Now these floor tiles are brilliant and always have different variations in colour and pattern due to the fact the stone is from a natural source.
Also if you are considering getting natural stone floor tiles then you will need to think about where you are planning on laying these tiles and are they solid enough to withstand the pressure that is going to be placed onto them. Natural stone floor tiles that are made from soft types of stone will be unable to cope with a lot of pressure put onto them so you need to think about this before purchasing them.

If you are looking for floor tiles that will not be very slippery when wet then you are definitely going to be thinking about getting tiles made from slate or a similar product. If you are using ceramic floor tiles then you are able to make these a lot safer if they get wet by making sure that the tiles you use are not very big so that you can you will have many different grout lines that will make the surface less slippery.

Grout is used to fill the gaps in between the floor tiles and seal the joints that have been made. Grout is usually made using water, cement and sand. You are able to add tints of colour to grout on your floor tiles so that it will blend in nicer, generally the colour tint is a liquid which is placed on top of the grout and slows over a longer period of time.

As I have said previously there are many different types of tiles that you are able to find out there but there is also a lot of different tile finishes that can be applied to floor tiles as well. This is the top surface of the tile and how it has been finished off, be it a rough top or a very smooth top. A few of these floor tile finishing’s include: rustic, matt, gloss and laminate. There are many more out there for you to choose from, so no matter what floor tiles you want there is always something different out there for you to try out and find. You could end up have floor tiles that completely unique to you.

What I would like to say about floor tiles is that when you are making decisions on which type and finishes that you want always make sure that you are comfortable with the ones you are going to get and make sure that the tiles are definitely up for the job that you are about to put them through because messing up with your decision here could end up costing you a fortune in new tiles. So get it right and you will be happy for a long time as floor tiles last quite a while.

Good luck!

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Floor Tiles?
Some of the marble/Granite tiles are not much more expensive than porcelline type. Is there any other reason than the price, that I may not want to put marble/Granite tiles on my kitchen floor.

Durability. Porcelain tiles will not last quite as long as others
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Whatever your preference look at the side of any piece of tile. If the coloration and pattern go all the way through then it’s likely the best investment,,,IE: A tile that is just surface finished will show its true color if it gets chipped and be more noticable in the damage.

Marble is as fragile, but goes all the way through its thickness.

Rev. Steven
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25 plus years as a contractor

Maintenance and durability. Natural stone needs to be sealed, not so with manufactured products. I’d also like to point out that I find natural stones quite slick, even in a honed finish. If you want it, go for it. Ask around and find out what someone who installs this thinks too.

One other consideration is if its’ consistent with the value of your house. I didn’t think granite counter tops would be for my house. So I did tile instead. It was a tenth the cost.
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July 1st, 2011 at 2:41 pm

franja you got it backwards sorry. porcelain is one of the most durable tiles you can get. natural stone tile require more maintenance. stick with the porcelain in the kitchen and use natural stone in areas with less wear.
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