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Ceramic Tiles – Will Vinyl Or Lino Adhere To It?

By · August 24, 2011 · Filed in Floor Tiles

I’ve bought a house with a tiled bathroom floor and they’re really dirty as the previous owners glued carpet to them! I was wondering if I could cover them up with vinyl floor tiles or lino but am concerned it won’t stick properly. Anyone got any ideas on this?

Rip at all out. Put down a new sub floor and then glue down your linoleum, otherwise it won’t work.

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Rip at all out.

put down a new sub floor and then glue down your linoleum

otherwise it wont work
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I do not think they will stick properlly. I would use a laminate hardwood flooring, you have to install a pad under them, and you will not feel any high and low spots from the carpet glue. Use base board molding to cover the edge of the flooring.
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you have to rip out all the ceramic tiles out first. The ceramic tiles will hold up better than the vinyl and will increase the house value over vinyl. IF a few are broken you can replace just those few. I would rethink what you are doing. I am an retired real estate broker. So trust me on the house value of vinyl vs ceramic.
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Rip out and redo by the time you skim coat(cleaning the tile real well 1st) and then redoing it and still risk the telescoping of the grout lines thru the vinyl it s not worth the risk but yes it can be done.. If it s new house to you redo it right when the money is right so it don t look like a mickey mouse jpb down the road and you ll end up redoing it..
If the carpet glue will come off and the tile is ok consider staining the grout to make it look good untill you can retile /vinyl whatever you want to do then, just don t rush into it GL
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20 years in floor covering as a store owner and installer

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