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How To Tile A Bathroom Wall – Tools and Preparation

By · August 25, 2011 · Filed in How to Tile

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Martin and Dave go through all the tools we need to tile Martin’s dad’s bathroom wall.

Duration : 0:5:19

[youtube NkgIIxX0OJY]

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someone’s got …
someone’s got shares in the plumb bob factory!

Can you provide the …
Can you provide the detail on the brand/dimensions of the tile you used and the exact name?


How was that cup of …
How was that cup of tea?

@rikleigh03 Yep-One …
@rikleigh03 Yep-One warped bit of timber and your in street further up the wall.
Easiest way for a awkward area is to just pin your level to the wall for a guaranteed spot on level first row.

I wish Ray Davies …
I wish Ray Davies would make up with his brother Dave and rejoin the Kinks. He’s too good a musician to be tiling bathrooms.

Can you tile over …
Can you tile over drywall? Can you tile over drywall with wallpaper?

I wouldn’t use …
I wouldn’t use ready mixed grout. I find they “pit” as it dries. Get a good powder like Bal. A plumb bob? I’ve never used a plumb bob. If you’re using a batten and spacers a plumb bob is irrelevant.

who the …
who the batterns walls out haha thats what those crappy tiling courses for £300 out of the back of a magazine teach you and who makes measuring sticks all you need to do is walk the tile across the wall allowing for the spacers

A plumb bob? ha ha …
A plumb bob? ha ha ha a square and spirit level 100 times faster and just as accurate.

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