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Polished Porcelain Brisbane

Polished porcelain what a revolution. In recent years people have been changing from old ceramics into the modern style of tile with great results. Why? This is because polished porcelain while relatively new in comparison with ceramics which have been around for hundreds of years have so many advantages. What are they

1) Polished porcelain has no glazing on the front.This means that a unglazed tile will be less slippery when wet and nearly impossible to chip when laid. Why you might ask? Well imagine that a glazing is like a painted surface, what happens to a painted surface? When wet its slippery and when you drop something heavy it chips. As porcelain goes all the way through with polished porcelain this means a falling object will have to crack up to 10mm of tile, this is nearly impossible if laid correctly. The next reason why you should by polished porcelain

2) Polished porcelain reflects light at a much higher standard. Most ceramics would reflect less than 10% of light however polished porcelain can reflect 60% or if you buy Nano preseal it will reflect up to 90%. What will this do for your house? This will make a small house look bigger, it will make an unit look like an apartment. In Brisbane polished porcelain has gained real popularity. Why? This is because polished porcelain reflects light and with  Brisbane ’s changing weather, it helps to keep your prized possesion looking great. With  Brisbane  property prices looking a bit patchy at best, polished porcelain is one of the best ways to improve ones investment value.
Are all polished porcelain the same? Absolutely not. May we tell you that both the best and the worst polished porcelain comes out of China. Polished porcelain need to be run slowly through the kilns with consistency to get the desired outcome. In this regard Monalisa tiles is miles ahead of most of its opposition. Monalisa have even developed a special nano preseal which takes the high density of Monalisa and combines a sealer with Nano technology that repeals many of the most common stains. In buying porcelain insist on Monalisa porcelain. What are the weakness’s of polished porcelain

1) you need to find higher desity polished porcelain like Monalisa, Lower grade tend to stain easily.

2) expectations are often times to high. Some think polished porcelain is like Glass, when it is more like Marble it is made up of fibers that reflect at different levels, Some are disappointed when seeing cloudy marks. These can normally be avoided by cleaning the protective wax and testing around low windows and glancing light. Often times turning the tile will stop the problem.

So by now you may want to know where you can buy Monalisa polished porcelain in Brisbane.