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Cheap Tiles – Where To Go In Sydney

By · August 29, 2011 · Filed in PROMOTIONS!!!
Cheap-Priced TilesWhere do you in Sydney for cheap tiles? I thought I would share with you my trek throughout Sydney to purchase floor and wall tiles. I had limited funds so for my situation my priorities were 1) price range 2) quality 3) ease and 4) time. I soon found out that it was going to take a a great deal of my time. Sydney is littered with some three hundred tile retail stores ranging everywhere from the boutique and upmarket to the cheap and sometimes nasty.To begin with, I realised if I really wanted cheap tiles the majority of the inner city boutique shops were going to indeed be too costly. With rent for showrooms and conformities to council rules and regulations, I knew I was going to need to travel outward. I won’t bore you with all the pricey retailers I decided to go to, simply the ones of great interest. I stumbled upon several stores out west (around Parramatta) that were what I wanted. The first was Tiles to Go in Northmead (Briens Road). I thought this was certainly low-cost, a smaller sized shop, but the quality was really good, the service was exceptional, the range was a little smaller than I was expecting but minus the extravagant colours. It is good if you prefer neutral colours with the occasional splash of colour. They sold Davco adhesive which was a must have, as I’ve heard some horror stories with many of the weaker adhesives.

Next, I found what I was looking for, I found a hub of three tile shops altogether. They all have bright colour flags and banners out the front. It was like a showdown, this was fabulous as it meant they were highly competitive with each looking to outdo the other.

Tile Mega Mart had been in business for many years, they had a good assortment of ceramics, however I was after the modern porcelain. MCT tiles are just setting up an outlet style shop, however appear to be fairly disorganised. Could possibly be worth having a look if you ever can’t acquire what you would like in TFO. Tile Factory Outlet (next door) was just what I was after. It possessed a huge selection (the biggest I’ve seen), and all the items were in stock. It features a huge showroom and although the displays weren’t excessively elaborate they gave me concepts on simple methods to decorate and design, so I guess they did their job. (I don’t know about you but whenever I see extravagant displays I think I’m paying for that). They had a superior variety of marble mosaics. I explored the net and the most inexpensive I could find was$20 a sheet. I found them at TFO for $10 a sheet. One more interesting comparison 250×400 Gloss White tiles with the white body (not red) nearly all were around the $19-22m2, TFO price was $8m2. Now that’s cheap tiles!

TFO had some professional sales staff. I was approached by Len Franco an Italian who has been in tiles for 40 years. When I had a complex problem concerning laying the tiles, I was directed to another salesman, Simon, who had previously been a tiler for twelve years prior to moving over to sales. He knew his stuff! I noticed some of the staff members were speaking Chinese with their customers. A genuine multi-national atmosphere – so go in and visit if English isn’t your first language. I saw a sign while I was leaving (that I wrote down), they speak English, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Cambodian, Thai, German and Laotian. Moreover, they stocked Davco and ASA Glue and possessed a wide variety of Travertine and Marble.

Two appealing finds: Spanish Creama Marfil in 600×600; I was expecting to see it for $150m2 but at TFO it was only $60m2! Some superb Travertine in good sizes was in the $30’s per square metre. That’s cheap tiles for the quality. These stores are located on Warren Road (this is another name for the Cumberland Highway), Smithfield. My GPS sent me towards a small street named Warren Road also located in Smithfield, however if you stay on the Cumberland Highway you can’t get lost as they are all brightly marked and signed. You can easily park your car and walk to the three. Since they are immediately opposite one another and they seem to be eager for your business the only one who appears to win is us… the consumer.


Just want I needed to confirm the tile palces to visit as I too am looking for porcelain tiles. many thanks

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