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Fireplace Design – Ideas That Will Impress You

By · July 1, 2011 · Filed in Tile Design Ideas


A fireplace tends to provide a fabulous ambience and the require warmth to an interior of a house. However, if you focus on providing a fabulous Fireplace design to your room, there will be an added effect. Several things will make a remarkable difference to the Fireplace design.


Here are some of the best Fireplace design ideas coming straight from the experts in this field:

a) Specialized units: If you are using a wood burning fireplace, you can easily make some additions via including certain units available on the market. These units are the best way to increase the source of heat. Apart from this, most of the units are also known to provide a visual treat such as the ones framed in 24-karat gold. These units are capable of heating your entire house.

b) Cobblestone facing: If you are using a flat brick fireplace, you can make it more elegant in appearance via adding bold cobblestone facing. The whole thing will work towards providing a rustic appearance. When the look is combined well with a traditional arched door, it becomes a gorgeous piece to value. The whole look is ideal for any living room or a den.

c) Antique nickel finish: This is a superb idea. The antique nickel finish is available with a gray stone face in conjunction with a chimney that is made of pegged timber. The whole design is a superb work of art and enhances the ambience of any room.

d) European face: In case, you want to provide a good amount of elegance to your room, you can add a European face to your Fireplace design. This comes in a perfect way to make your Fireplace design look extremely eye-catching.

e) Custom colored tile: It would be a fabulous Fireplace design idea to add some custom colored tiles around the fireplace opening. The whole thing will bring out the art deco to the fireplace design.

f) Silver chimney: A silver chimney in conjunction with a gas insert and a finely framed art deco will provide a dramatic effect to your existing Fireplace design.

g) Hearth: A hearth is also very advantageous when it comes to make an attention grabbing Fireplace design. This may be easily flushed with the floor, sunk down a little lower than the floor or even raised above the Fireplace design.

h) Fireboxes: Varied types of fireboxes are available on the market to provide your Fireplace design a varied look. You can opt for flush fireboxes, dropped fireboxes or just go for something that fits on to the floor level.

i) Fireplace openings: You can easily opt for varied types of fireplace opening to your existing Fireplace design in order to give it a unique look. There are different arch shapes, flat arch top openings and U-shaped fireplace openings. You can easily opt from any of these in order to get the kind of impact you desire.

All the ideas mentioned above in the article are specifically devised to provide your Fireplace design an awesome appearance.

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