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Tiles – Best Stores In Australia

By · April 14, 2012 · Filed in Tiles Australia

Tiles – Best Stores In Australia

TilesWhat are the best tiles Australia has to offer? Well, although there are many fancy brands out there with pretty packaging, bells and whistles, in my opinion there is no brand of tile that beats the Monalisa brand for all-round excellence.

Firstly, Monalisa tiles have an excellent range, (including porcelain panel), unbeatable value for money, and excellent quality. Isn’t that the same with any other brand of tile you ask? No. Although many tile brands do claim a measure of quality, they are so much more expensive than Monalisa tiles (to be proved shortly). Basically with Monalisa you are getting a top quality tile for a fraction of what you would pay for a boutique brand.

You will notice though, that Monalisa tiles are manufactured in China – not Europe. Having said that, most things today (including designer label items) are manufactured in China now. Does this mean that these tiles are not as good as their European rivals? By no means! This is because the Monalisa factory use the latest equipment shipped in directly from Italy. This is something that other major tile brands don’t do because they are happy with the same old machines they’ve been using for the past 20 years! Because of this committment to quality, Monalisa tiles are not plagued with the defects inherant in other tile brands such as, warping, black spots, time-wear, water retention, staining, color and pattern inconsistencies, and other major problems. Some people think that by paying more for a pretty picture that they are getting a better tile – nothing could be further away from the truth. Another reason to go for Monalisa tiles is that they are one of the only manufacturers of Porcelain Panel – truely incredible stuff if you ever get the chance to see it. ( I will tell you where you can buy some a bit later!)

How do Monalisa tiles compare to other brands? Well, instead of paying $100m2 – $200m2, or dare I say more, Tiles Australia has found out that Monalisa tiles can sell for as little as $10m2 for their top quality product! You have to see it to believe it. The funny thing is that some of the major tile shops in Australia who do have Monalisa tiles, try to hock them off for the same price as boutique brands! (I will tell you where you can get them at the prices they should be – read on!)

Tiles Australia has done the research and has found 3 tile companies in Australia that offer the best deals on tiles for small-end to top-end consumers.

Tile Factory Outlet: You can visit their website at Tile Factory Outlet won the price war hands down, with consistently having the cheapest porcelain tiles. Not only that, they are one of the only distributors of Monalisa porcelain tiles Australia wide. They claim to sell tiles at auction prices – and they do indeed. They are one of the only tile companies in the world that have a fully-integrated online store that links directly to the items they have on stock and is updated in real-time in conjunction with sales from their store.

When you walk into their showroom, you will get the feel of walking into any major outlet store with samples stacked on top of pallets of tiles ready to be shipped out. Tile Factory Outlet sell more tiles in one month than most shops sell in a year – purely because of their unbelievable prices. The best thing is that Tile Factory Outlet can help organize shipping your tiles Australia-wide.

Tiles To Go: You can see their site at Tiles To Go sell Monalisa tiles along with a range of other brands. Their head office is in North Mead, Sydney, and they deal hand-in-hand with builders and architect firms. Whilst Tile Factory Outlet focuses on selling great tiles at cheap prices, Tiles To Go focus more on the customer as a person with specific tastes and desires.

As soon as you walk into their store, you will immediately receive in-depth support to help you find the design you want, how you want it, and how to make it a reality. The best part is that Tiles to Go still offer their range of tiles at excellent prices. True to their name, Tiles To Go can offer this fantastic service and pricing without taking up too much of your time. “Tiles to Go. For people on the go. At prices to go!”

Tile Gallery Imports: You can visit their site at Tile Gallery Imports are a wholesaler. That means they sell to construction companies, independent retailers, and large quantity orders. The good news is that they also sell the Monalisa brand tile if you are looking to order them. If you have a large order in mind, it will definitely pay to check these guys out.

Buying tiles is easy when you know what you’re looking for. Tiles Australia has links to buy tiles online, and an online tile catalog (courtesy of TFO), and many tile design ideas. tiles Australia also contains articles about ceramic and porcelain tiles, so that you can make the best decision. So please feel free to check out our Tiles Australia site!

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