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Ceramic Tile – What Is It?

By · July 25, 2012 · Filed in Tiles Australia

Ceramic TileCeramic Tile—A Layman’s Background

What Is It?

Prior to acquiring ceramic tiles, it’s first great to be aware what they’re made from. “Ceramic” what exactly is it really? The root of the English word “ceramic” is in fact the Greek word Keramos discussing potter’s clay or pottery. Therefore ceramic tile is really as its name, a natural product made from clay, other minerals and lastly water. From these unimpressive beginnings spring a bewildering variety of shades, shapes, sizes as well as textures. Ceramic tile is actually produced in 1 of 2 ways despite its many varieties. Exactly what are these two ways?

Ceramic Tile-Twin Brothers

There are two ways utilized to produce ceramic tiles. Taking of shale or natural clay and extruding it, which is basically passing it through a small tube or opening then shaping it into tiles is one way of producing ceramic tiles. Second is by taking minute particles of tile minerals and pressing them together under high pressure to make the body of the ceramic tile. Later these tiles are fired in a kiln which fuses the small particles in to a strong tile body. The ceramic tiles you use is one of these “twin” brother on this process. Some will be glazed yet others is going to be left unglazed.

Ceramic Tile Strength

Having the background of how a ceramic tile is created will make the real difference between purchasing a tile of good quality or perhaps an inferior one just as person’s background could affect whether or not he gets hired for a job. The reason? As stated, tile is hardened by stress. The higher the pressure during the development of the tile, the higher its strength will probably be. Psi (pounds of pressure for square inch) rating indicates the potency of the tile. How much pressure it can take before breaking is shown in this rating. A rating of 250 pounds/psi is great rating showing an excellent quality tile.

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