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Polished Porcelain – Brisbane Area

By · December 18, 2011 · Filed in Tiles Australia

Polished PorcelainAre you searching for a great polished porcelain in Brisbane? Then this article is sure to help you. Firstly you should have a clearly in mind the area that you want to tile along with the amount of tiles in meters that you will need. Once you have this worked out, always add plus 10% for wastage and 15% is you are laying the tiles diagonally.

Then make sure that the tile chosen is suitable for the area. Once you have all this clearly in mind you are now ready to visit a tile outlet who have in house experts to guide you through the selection process.

Although tiles come in many shapes and sizes, one of the most appealing has to be the polished porcelain variety. Whether you are planning to lay them on floors or walls, polished porcelain tiles are durable while at the same time add that “chic” feel to any environment. As the name indicates, because these tiles are polished, they are generally shiny and reflects the light. So the look it portrays is amazing. There are an abundance of suppliers in  Queensland, so finding what you need in Brisbane should be relatively easy.

One of the most popular and well known brands in the polished porcelain industry has to be the Monalisa brand, which is not only popular because of the  high quality, but also because of its design and the unique properties of the tiles themselves. Made in China and having a low water absorption rate, they have the added bonus of having many beautiful models.

So whatever your are looking for when it comes to polished porcelain tiles you are sure to find what you need in Brisbane and because of the vast selection of providers and the friendly service that they provide the experience is sure to be nothing short of a total pleasure.

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