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Tile Showrooms – What’s The Difference?

By · February 11, 2012 · Filed in Tiles Australia

ShowroomsThere are many different categories of tile showrooms in Sydney, there are the upmarket and expensive boutique stores, chain stores, retail stores and then there are the tile outlet stores.

When commencing your research for your building project you should visit at least one in each category.  Firstly the boutique stores, these stores offer  the latest designs and have interior designers on staff to help the customer with their selections.  The pricing in these stores support the upmarket image and the high rentals.  So if you have an unlimited budget you can purchase your tiles in these stores.

Then go to the chain stores where they have all the different products available showcased in mock up room displays.  Here once again the prices are high as there are franchising fees etc.,  that have to be paid. So the portion of the cost of the actual tiles is minimal in comparision to the total  price of the products being offered.

Retail stores offer a good range of products available in the Sydney market, but do not carry any stock, so every time you place an order they have to order the different products from all the different wholesalers.  This means waiting for days and sometimes weeks as they have to wait to receive the products and then despatch the order to the customers.  This means double handing of products at a cost which the end customer pays for in the total price of the products.

Then there are the outlet tile showrooms in Sydney which  mostly offer discontinued and obsolete products at greatly reduced prices.  The ones that stand out in this category are Tile Factory outlet and Tiles to go, these tile showrooms are a must to visit.

Tile Factory Outlet is the largest tile showroom in Sydney which offers the latest products from around the world at the lowest prices in Sydney and even in Australia.  Tile Factory offer the largest range of polished porcelains from China, glazed porcelains from Italy, Spanish and Italian wall tiles, Italian and Spanish marble and a huge range of travertine from Turkey.  All the products are in stock and are shown on top of pallets with no frills except that the prices are the lowest in Sydney.  This tile showroom turns over 14,000 square metres a week. They have all the products, together with excellent product knowledge and customer service. Please visit

On a smaller scale Tiles to go offer a good range of products at outlet prices, together with personalized service, as this tile Showroom has an in-house Interior Colour Coordinator to help the customer create beautiful living spaces.  Please visit

In summary, if you do not have an unlimited amount of time and money just visit Tile Factory Outlet or Tiles to Go today and you will not be disappointed with neither the products nor the prices.


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