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Find Out More About Kitchen Splash Back Tiles

Kitchen Splash back TilesAre you not in the market for investing days to installing high-end splash back tiles? Then you may find the following tips from the pros valuable.

Protection First

Before beginning your splash back installation task , turn off the power to all the walls you’ll be focusing on. That’s a good start for attempting to complement your kitchen area using these tiles. Taking out any outlet covers is also essential.

You should get ready the project area too. You’ll need 80- or 90-grit sandpaper with this work. Diligently sand the region for tiling. To clean the rest of the grit and debris, get a damp cloth and clean the walls down.

Seeking the Center of the Wall

The centre of the wall ought to be the starting point of your set up. So it is crucial that you find it. It is possible to find it visually, then use a level to draw a line through it to form a large cross.

You also want to ensure the way your installation will appear prior to deciding to actually fix it to the wall. Perform dry test or execute a loose lay of the tiles on to the floor.

Next, utilize a trowel to apply a layer of thin-set adhesive to a small area of the wall commencing at the centerline. Comb the adhesive in one path in straight lines, not swirled ones. Start from the base of the wall.

Then, bring your glass splash back tiles and press them consistently into the adhesiver. To maintain your tiles as level as you can, keep your eye on the middle line. So that you can put the tiles before the adhesive dries, work in small areas.

Utilize a wax pencil to put on mark on the last row of tiles, showing where they should be cut. Cut them right down to size with a glasstile cutter.

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